Welcome To Your Happier, Calmer, Clarity-Free Life!

Your wellbeing is the most precious gift you have. You, your passion, your purpose, your family, your community...everything you value depends on THIS.

Welcome To Your Freer, Happier, Calmer, Clarity-Free LIfe!

Your wellbeing is the most precious gift you have. You, your passion, your purpose, your family, your community..everything you value depends on THIS.

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“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” - T.S. Elito

Feeling Anxious?
You’re Not Alone.

Do you lack meaning in your life? Do you feel unfixable? Have you reached a point where you are no longer satisfied with just surviving life, but are instead ready to break free from your anxiety and want to be the person you were meant to be? That’s where I come in - without pills or lengthy coaching.

I help women build the confidence they need to go after their dreams and live the life they once envisioned for themselves. My primary focus is empowering them to heal past their pain so they can step into the future feeling brighter. I'm known for my loving, non-judgmental approach and have spent much of my life studying confidence and coaching techniques that lead to inner transformation.

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Client Love

Catherine T.

“I was working at a major US Bank as a Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales with four young children. I was frustrated with corporate politics and the old boys network that I couldn’t seem to crack. My anxiety and panic attacks took over my life. It was a time filled with terror, anxiety, uncertainty, confusion, unhappiness, and exhaustion.

Loretta was instrumental in helping me lay out a proven approach for getting at the sources of my anxiety and freeing myself from its deathly grip. Thank you, Loretta for helping me built a brighter, healthier future.”

Rachel G.

“Loretta is a life saver. I came in with no hope for the future. Anxiety was interfering with my life. I couldn't figure out why I was struggling with relationships. The work paid off! I am now in a loving, healthy relationship. The best part? No anxiety. Thank you, Loretta!”