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ADHD Coaching

Is your child continually struggling in school despite the help they are already getting?
Your adolescents with ADHD may face several challenges related to time management, self-regulating emotions, focusing, decision making, and more. ADHD Coaching is about creating a goal-orientated relationship between coach and client. It starts with your child wanting to set goals or wanting resources to better manage ADHD symptoms.
As your child’s ADHD coach, I’m there to empower your child to work through their challenges. Whether finishing homework on time, you should see small improvements from ADHD Coaching soon after our first session. Sometimes the strategies that I suggest can be a little more difficult to implement, so things may take some time.
Let’s take the first step in achieving your child’s full potential by scheduling a coaching session at Bella Coaching Services, one of Michigan’s southwest leading ADHD specialists. You will leave our call feeling more hopeful and confident about a plan for success in your child’s future. ADHD Coaching is available for your child In-Person only.

Peace at Home

Parent Consulting

Parenting can be tough and is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, and there is no formal education to prepare us for it. Even the most experienced parents can run into problems from our often complicated special education process to understanding your child’s emotional and development needs.
At such moments, I can offer the wisdom and advice you may need to become more effective, supportive and nurturing in your relationship with your children.
Here at Bella Coaching Services, I can help you sort out the complexities of your child’s behavior and your approach as a parent. This can allow you to feel supported and encouraged, boosting your creativity, your ability to keep things in perspective and to laugh more as well as your child’s ability to thrive. Additionally, I can help with the process of creating a 504 Plan or an Individualized Educational Plan as my background is a special education teacher.
Together let’s take the first step by scheduling a Parent Consulting Session.
In-Person and Virtual Consulting are available.

Outsmarting Worry

Little Humans Anxiety Coaching

Parents! Parenting your anxious child can not only be disheartening, but mentally exhausting.
You want to ease the pain, but sometimes it's hard to know what you can do to help your child overcome their fears. Here at Bella, I use Meet Turnaround - the award winning adventure stories that capture your child's imagination while teaching them how to manage their anxiety and nervous behavior...without medication or lengthy coaching.
So whether your sweet child is suffering from panic attacks, separation anxiety, constant worrying, or another form of anxiety, Meet Turnaround can help you both understand and overcome their anxiety. How cool is that?!
Your child may be trying to find their power in the wrong place (yelling). In our coaching sessions, we find real lasting ways to step in their personal power and live their best selves.
Let’s get your family back under control by helping your little human feel better.
Here's the best part! Outsmarting Worry is a 12-week coaching package! In person only. Virtual coaching (ages 17+) is available under Finding Your Calm in a Chaotic World.

Finding Calm in a Chaotic World

Anxiety Coaching

Feeling Anxious? We all do. Anxiety Coaching without medication or lengthy coaching may be for you.

Here’s why.

Like myself, many people experience anxiety at some point in their lives.
Anxiety is a normal response to stressful life events such as moving, job changes or financial difficulties.
You've Got This! I'm Here For You!
Let's get you on the fastest, simplest, easiest path to a great physical, mental, and spiritual wellness by showing you the exact steps you need to take to have the life, family, career, and adventures you deserve.
Together, we'll get you better than you ever thought possible.
Hoping to heal a broken heart?
Or save a relationship?
Desire a deeper understanding or your purpose and direction?
Ready to move on from your past and elevate change?
Stalled from going for your dreams because you are too busy or too afraid?
Feel unfulfilled?
Feel out of control in your life and anxious?
Sad or stuck?
Evidence-based coaching I provide often enables clients to laugh freely, relax fully, and ground themselves in the face of fear.
Most coaches tell you, "You have to let it go." I show you how to do let it go. When you leave the cage of the past, you will move freely into loving yourself enjoying your life and finding your purpose.
Anxiety sucks and you don't deserve it. However, it is highly treatable with natural relief anxiety coaching. Let's find your peace.

What’s included:

12 - 1:1 Personalized 60-minute Anxiety Coaching sessions
90 Day Get Started Journal
Actionable steps to put in place immediately
Weekly Challenges and Takeaways to implement
In-Person Coaching or Virtual Coaching
Let’s get your peace back.

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