Overcoming Worry
Anxiety Coaching for Kiddos

If you’re a parent and feel helpless seeing your son or daughter struggle with academic and social pressures that you have zero influence or control over, one of the best things you can do is seek out a strong role model for your kiddo.

As a formal troubled kiddo myself, I have the natural empathy that kids gravitate to and relax around.

For moms and dads of kids who struggle with tantrums or anxiety, Overcoming Worry:  Anxiety Coaching offers biofeedback games and art allowing kids with anxiety to practice self regulation and emotional calming exercises.

As your kiddo masters skills with play, they build the muscle-memory needed to call on them in real life situations.

Overcoming Worry:  Anxiety Coaching was build for kids having a tough time with self-regulation and emotional control.

Overcoming Worry uses the power of play to help your kiddo learn how to manage and control big emotions.  Parents get professional coaching, too!

Your kiddo will work with me for four or twelve weeks, meeting weekly.

Find out if Overcoming Worry:  Anxiety Coaching is a good fit for your family.  Click on the button below and schedule your complimentary coaching session.

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Overcome Worry

How I Can Help You:

* Discover how your kiddo can replace worry with courage.

* With our bioresponsive games, your kiddo will learn self control to help them thrive.

* Your kiddo will learn calming skills to stay focused.

* Decide if Overcoming Worrying: Anxiety Coaching is the next step for you.