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ADHD Coaching

Rachel was relieved when she found that she had ADHD. It helped to explain why she struggled so much in school, but she was still afraid she would never measure up to others. 

When Ethan was diagnosed with ADHD, he thought it meant that he was not as smart as other kids.

Katie actually hoped she had ADHD. She told her mom that all the cool and creative kids in her school had ADHD. 

Sound Familiar?

Symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, can strike at any time – during your child’s math class, when they’re listening to a friend’s story, while doing homework, and did I mention in class?

Your child may find it difficult to pay attention and sit still when their impulses are constantly tempting them to the opposite.

In Thriving with ADHD Coaching, your child will learn simple skills they can use to confidently handle school, make and keep friends, and organize and finish every project they start.

ADHD Coaching focuses on your child’s strengths and interests. Then, they’ll begin using those strengths to create strategies for overcoming the ADHD-related issues they struggle with.

Your child will also learn:
  • How to calm themself when they feel hyperactive or impulsive.
  • Develop plans for meeting the goals that matter to them.
  • Get their life under control and organize their schedule.
  • Improve their social life by becoming a better listener and friend.

What’s Included

Thriving with ADHD: ADHD Coaching for Little Humans

  • 12 – 45-minute individual coaching sessions
  • Personalized goals & weekly actionable takeaways
  • ADHD Assessment with strategies for IEP/504 Plans
  • Unlimited support with parent


$497 / Payment Plan Available