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Anxiety Coaching for Little Humans

Let’s get your family back under control by helping your little human feel better.

Little humans with anxiety don't come to me and say, "Loretta, I feel anxious or worried."

Rather their parents are seeking coaching because their kiddo is having mood swings or tantrums. Or they are unable to sleep. They cannot separate from their parent. Or they may just clam up. Or sometimes they appear very “oppositional,” constantly arguing or refusing to do things. Or they have ADHD.

Additionally, little humans come to Bella Coaching with the following challenges:

Child with anxiety, low confidence, or test anxiety
  • What if things don’t go my way?
  • Why can’t I just raise my hand in math class? 
  • I hate making mistakes in front of other people. 
  • Nothing I try works. I just keep worrying. 
  • What if I fail? 
  • I don’t know why. I just worry. 

Here at Bella, we created soothing solutions that work!

LITTLE HUMAN Coaching Packages

All little humans ages 6-10 get:

  • A Big Life Journal
  • Their own toolkit for each coaching package

All moms get:

  • Coaching Workbook
  • Welcome Toolkit
  • Stainless Steel Tumbler
  • Vison Board Planner
Big Life Journal for Kids - Bella Coaching Services

The Packages

Outsmarting Worry anxiety Coaching


  • 12- 45-minute sessions
  • Journal
  • Personalized worry goals
  • Weekly actionable takeaways
  • Unlimited support with parent

Cost: $497 / payment plan available

Think Confident. Be Confident Coaching


  • 12–45-minute sessions
  • The Big Life Journal
  • Personalized confidence goals
  • Weekly actionable takeaways
  • Unlimited support with parent

Cost: $497 / payment plan available

Donut Stress about the Test
Anxiety Coaching


  • 8 – 45-minute sessions
  • Journal
  • Personalized test taking strategies
  • Weekly actionable takeaways
  • Unlimited support with parent

Cost: $297 / payment plan available 

More Info

Outsmart Worry: Anxiety Coaching

Anxiety Coaching helps your kiddo manage their challenging feelings and we help them transform their confidence and courage. And because stress, pressure, and challenges are part of everyday life, your kiddo will learn skills to use forever.

Outsmarting Worry is a 12 – week coaching package (45-minute sessions) that will teach your child how to break the common negative thinking habits that steer many little humans wrong and hold them back from achieving happiness and success.

Investment:  $479

Think Confident. be Confident.

It’s normal for your child to feel insecure or experience self-doubt sometimes.  But if insecurity causes them to second-guess themself all the time, or gets in their way of reaching goals, it’s time to make a change.  

After all, confidence shapes the way your child sees the world.  When they have self-confidence, they are able to move through life and deal with stress in healthy ways.  So, how can your child overcome their self-doubt and be their best? 

Think Confident.  Be Confident. will coach your child recognize and replace self-doubt, discover how to transform their negative self-image int0 a more positive, accurate reflection of themself so they can have the confidence to pursue their dreams and succeed.  So, what are you waiting for?  Click Schedule a Free Consultation.  🙂

Investment:  $497

Donut Worry About the Test Coaching

It’s the big test day at school, and your child is tense, shaky, and complaining of a stomach ache. There’s a name for that: “test anxiety.” Unfortunately, with the increasing prevalence of standardized testing, test anxiety is also on the rise.

Most students say that they’re more stressed by schoolwork and tests than by anything else in their lives. 16-20% of students have high test anxiety, and another 18% have moderately high test anxiety.

Donut Stress About The Test Coaching package includes 8 – 45 minute personalized test taking strategies where your little human will feel more relaxed and confident heading into the test. 

Investment:  $297

Coaching sessions are held at my downtown office. Zoom coaching is offered, however, a parent must be nearby.

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