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“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” – Rob Siltanen

Hi, I am Loretta Holmes.

Hey there!   Like so many, when you lack confidence and struggle with anxiety,  you think everyone has it figured it.  

Take it from me.  They don’t.  

That’s what I know to be true. Here’s what else I know about you.


  1. You’re doing better than you think you are
  2. People think about you less than you worry about
  3. You’re not sure if that lifelong dream is attainable
  4. You wanna make a bigger impact with your life’s mission but don’t know how
  5. You want your life to make a difference to the planet
Did I get it right? Then here are 2 things you should do right now:

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The secret is to not give up!  Keep going and growing through your challenges.  These temporary setbacks can empower you to reach even greater levels of success.  I’ll show you how! 

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3. SLAY life!
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And yes, I recommend both of them if they appeal to you.

Oh yeah, this is an About Me page…

Here are some things you’re probably wondering about me. 

“Who are you?”

I’m Loretta Holmes – and I’ve been obsessed with mastering the confidence and anxiety game since I was a kid. 100+ self-help books later, a career as special education teacher and cross country coach, and sharing my points of view in overcoming anxiety and a toxic childhood, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to master it.

And the best thing I know about it is this: it’s learned. That’s right. And it’s my mission to help more and more little humans and moms live anxiety free. 

I’m a life coach who helps little humans and moms straight up love their life. Because anything else is absurd when you think about it.

“Why should I care?”

You don’t have to. But if you could use more day to day self-assuredness in your life, more confidence in your pocket, all you need is here. Exhale!

Wanna know more about me?

10 fun facts.

  1. I love dogs. They remind me that love is unconditional. Side bonus: You can always see photos of my doodles, Riley and Sweet Stella. 
  2. Even though I live in Michigan – home of the Great Lakes – walking along the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan is still my favorite. 
  3. I love racing my bike.  I was once the fastest cyclist in my age group in Michigan and the 3rd fastest cyclist in my age group in the world! 
  4. I’ve gotten the best giggles and hugs from my sweet grand baby! 
  5. I share the love of horses with my daughter and have competed in horse shows a few times! 
  6. I’ve read over 100+ self help books. The worst question you can ask me is, “What’s your favorite book?”
  7. When I was a kid I was ashamed to have a free school lunch. We had to use a conspicuous token and I’d always be last to eat after my friends (so they wouldn’t see it). I booked an appointment with the Principal and suggested a new way of doing this. He agreed. No more tokens!
  8. Even though I’m a hustler, I love TV and watch hours of it. I especially love Friends and Grey’s Anatomy. 
  9. Raising my two children is a real highlight of my life. 
  10. I came from a complicated and dysfunctional family.  Maybe you did, too? 

As you can see, I don’t wait for approval.

Wanna live life like that? Your new secret weapon is my weekly confidence injection. See you on the inside!

Official Bio

Loretta Holmes is a special education teacher turned certified Life Coach and certified NLP Practitioner. 

She loves education and psychology and majored in education at Western Michigan University, where she also earned her teaching credential and a Master of Educational Technology. 

She lives in Michigan with her husband and two doodles, Riley and Sweet Stella.

What My Clients Say

"I was working at a major US Bank as a Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales with four young children. I was frustrated with corporate politics and the old boys network that I couldn’t seem to crack. My anxiety and panic attacks took over my life. It was a time filled with terror, anxiety, uncertainty, confusion, unhappiness, and exhaustion. Loretta was instrumental in helping me lay out a proven approach for getting at the sources of my anxiety and freeing myself from its deathly grip. Thank you, Loretta for helping me built a brighter, healthier future.”
Catherine T.
“Loretta is a life saver. I came in with no hope for the future. Anxiety was interfering with my life. I couldn't figure out why I was struggling with relationships. The work paid off! I am now in a loving, healthy relationship. The best part? No anxiety. Thank you, Loretta!”
Rachel G.