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Parent Coaching

Finding time to get parenting support can be daunting.

No matter how chaotic things feel right now, you will see improvement after the very first call. Whether you schedule one coaching call or multiple sessions, I can help you fix the most frustrating parenting struggles of raising a little human who is struggling with anxiety. 

I know so many parents who just need help for their little human who is anxious or one have one question, so this service is for you. 

We meet at my office if you reside in southwest Michigan or northern Indiana or via Zoom or phone for one hour, and I promise to help as much as I can in that time.  

One hour passes by quickly, so if you have multi-layered issue or complex problems, please be aware that 60 minutes is probably not going to do the trick. 

Don’t worry!  We can meet as many times as you need to address your parenting challenges.  I am here to support you.


“We saw improvements after our first session. It was great to be reminded that we’re not doing everything wrong, that our son isn’t ‘bad’ and that there were some small changes that we could make that would have a huge impact . Loretta is an excellent parenting coach and teacher, and we gladly recommend her to all the parents we can!”

– Stephanie Felton

As always, your spouse or partner is welcome to the session, no extra charge.

We're all in this together.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about whether this is a good fit for your family, please email me at

I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

I respect your time and want you to achieve quick and lasting results. I’ll ask you to complete a coaching form prior to each call so valuable phone time isn’t wasted with information gathering. Your time will focus on specific strategies so that you can move forward in the areas that are most important to you. 
Deal?  Deal. 

Finding Peace At Home

Coaching Fees with Loretta

$99 per a 60-minute session
$69 per a 30-minute session

Whether you’re married, a step-parent, single parent or foster parent, one-on-one parent coaching with I will provide you the education and support for the most important job any of us will ever have.