Coming November 2019

A Parent’s Guide to a 504 Plan

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Feeling stressed? You’ll learn how to reframe your thoughts by talking back to your anxiety as if it were a real person in this FREE Masterclass. When you're ready to talk back to your anxiety, here is your Talk Back To Your Anxiety FREE Masterclass!

5 Simple Ways To Empower Yourself Free Masterclass

Anyone can attain personal empowerment. It depends more on your actions than on the size of your bank account or the title of your business card. Do you want to experience more control over your life? 5 Simple Ways To Empower Yourself will help you do just that! Coming October 21, 2019.

Live Happier: A 60-Day Roadmap to Overcome Anxiety Without Pills or Lengthy Coaching

In this course, you’ll find tricks, tools, and techniques to overcome fears and failures in 60 Days! You’ll discover proven strategies to get through hopeless circumstances. And you’ll find out how to maintain your enthusiasm – despite anxiety – until you achieve what you set out to do. Coming November 11, 2019.

The Confidence Code Academy: Building Unstoppable Self Confidence!

Coming February 02, 2020