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For Little Humans

Does your little human struggle with anxiety, confidence, social anxiety or test anxiety?

Outsmart Worry

Little Humans Anxiety Coaching

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For Little Humans

Is your child struggling with anxiety and daily tasks? Feeling overwhelmed by their  thoughts?

Thriving with ADHD

Little Human ADHD Coaching

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for Moms

Are you living your best life now? Or are you putting off your heart’s desires?

Renew You! Love Your Life

Life Coaching

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for Moms

Ready for anxiety-free, present tense,
full frontal happiness? 

Finding Calm in a Chaotic World

Anxiety Coaching

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Feeling exhausted, stressed, & concerned about your little human who’s struggling with anxiety?

Peace at Home

Parent Coaching

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How To Get Started

Schedule Your In-Person Or Virtual Free Breakthrough Session

During this time, we’re going to take a look at your concerns to see what’s possible for you and/or your child and map out a three-step plan to live confidently so you can skyrocket your life!  At the end of 60 minutes, you’re going to feel confident and excited about what’s possible for you even when the world is filled with fear and uncertainty.  By clicking on the Schedule Here button, you’ll be directed to my booking calendar.  Scroll down just a bit and make sure 60- Minute Free Breakthrough Session is highlighted.  Looking forward to supporting you and your family!

Hi. I'm Loretta. Your New Life Coach.

Anxiety. Depression.  I get it. 

I came from a complicated and dysfunctional family. Maybe you did, too? 

I’ve been through the tragic and unexpected loss of my adopted mom followed by a toxic family of eight when my adopted dad quickly married the ‘not nice step mother’. 

If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, I’ve been right there in your shoes. You and I will connect with shared understanding and build the confidence to skyrocket your life.  And…you’ll feel validated. Unlike what society has told you, you are unique!

Loretta and Riley, Wellness Director

Free Masterclass

A New Beginning:
How to Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks

During this masterclass, I share my story of a troubled childhood while growing up with a toxic step-mother. My epic story with unbelievable comebacks will inspire the doubters, the skeptics, or anyone who has lost hope for the future.

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.”

- T.S. Eliot

Kind Words!

"Loretta is so much more than a coach! She listens. She cares. And she freakin' knows her sh*t! She pushed me when I needed and she never gave up on me. Loretta was always there to offer me support and encouragement. That's why she's awesome! I don't know how I would have managed my anxiety without her."
Catherine T.
“Loretta is a life saver. I came in with no hope for the future. Anxiety was interfering with my life. I couldn't figure out why I was struggling with relationships. The work paid off! I am now in a loving, healthy relationship. The best part? No anxiety. Thank you, Loretta!”
Rachel G.
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All the compassion and support you need to live a healthier lifestyle.

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